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Advanced English Structure

Advanced English Structure

5 common Advanced English structure: Enhance your English . Every student should learn advanced English Structure to take English to the next level

These structures are based on Tense, Modal Verbs and some vocabulary and grammar that are commonly used in speaking English.

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1. Advanced English St ructure

Having+ v3____________(कर)

Having gone office, he was doing work.

ऑफिस जा कर वह काम कर रहा है।

He will take bath having come here.

Having finished work, she was watching TV.

Having seen me, he started talking.

Having made a mistake she regretted.

Having seen a lion, the child started weeping.

Having prepared breakfast, she was reading.

2. As soon as/ As (जैसे ही)

As soon as police came, thief started running away.

जैसे ही पुलिस आई, चोर भागने लगा।

As soon as father came , the children starred smiling.

As soon as the cat came, the rat went away.

As soon as the bell rang , students started going to the class.

As soon as he got up, he saw a mouse on the bed.

3. Not only……..but also ( न‌ केवल……. बल्कि)

This is not only a book but also a diary.

He is not only a player but also a coach.

She is not only beautiful but also intelligent.

This is not only a mobile but also a camera.

This is not only a house but also a coaching.

He is not only my brother but also a friend.


4. Either…..or…..(य तो ……या )

Today is either Sunday or Saturday.

He is either Raju or Mohan

She is either Soni or Sonal.

They are either Indians or Nepali.

This was either mine or yours.

He was either telling a lie or hiding something.

5. Neither……nor(न ही …..श ही)

Today is neither Sunday nor

She is neither Actress or a leader.

He was neither selling nor buying books.

We are neither Pakistani nor English.

It’s neither a pen nor a pencil.

6. Just as………in the same way( जिस तरह……उसी तरह)

Just as a man feels pain in the same way an animal feels pain.

Just as Sachin plays cricket in the same way Virat wants to play.

Just as a bird flies in the sky in the same way a man is flying in the sky today.

Just as you speak English in the same way I want to speak.

Just as mother cooks in the same day daughter wants to cook.

7. While/ Whereas (जबकि)

He is ready to do a job while his brother is ready to play.

You are listening Whereas I am speaking.

The mouse is small animal while the elephant is large animal.

The girl is beautiful while the boy is handsome.

He was a poor person whereas she belongs to a rich family.

The iron is heavy while the cotton is light.

8. During+ the + Noun……(के समय)

During the summer, we like to bath again and again.

During the wedding she was dancing.

During the election the politician give long speech.

During the class we should speak English.

During the meeting, he was explaining the project.

During the day people work  and during the night people take rest.

10. While + V⁴………( के समय)

While coming back I saw him on the road.

While going to the market, he met me.

While speaking, we should utilise good words.

While cooking, she forgot to add salt.

While dancing, she fell down.

While eating he got angry.

11. I wish, sub + could+ V1 + obj….(काश)

I wish I could go there.

I wish you could win the game.

I wish he could do it.

I wish they could come trains.

I wish he could sing a song.

12. I wish I were……

I wish I were rich.

I wish you were my friend.

I wish he were a doctor.

I wish they were my relatives.

I wish she were my queen.

I wish he were a police.

13. I wish sub + had + noun

I wish I had time.

I wish you had a computer.

I wish she had a car.

I wish you had a mobile.

I wish we had everything.


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