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Important phrasal Verbs in English

Important Phrasal Verbs in English

20+ useful Phrasal Verbs in English. How to become fluent in English, let’s learn here. Communication is possible with the help of new Vocabularies and phrasal Verbs. They have been given here with meaning.

20+ Useful phrasal Verbs with meaning and example Sentences

1. Put on – pahanna 

The school students put on their uniforms for the school.

2. Put out – aag boojhana

The people of the colony were trying to put out the fire.

3. Put behind the bar – jail mein Daalna

The robbers were put behind the bar after being arrested.

4. Look for – khojna 

He has been a jobless for months that’s why he is looking for a job.

5. Look after – dekh bhaal karna

The watchman looks after the house when everyone goes to sleep.

6. Bring up – parwarish karna 

When we are kids , our parents bring us up.

7. Take off – utaarna 

After coming into the room his took his shoes off.

8.  Figure out – samajhna

Why don’t you try to figure it out?

9. Keep away –  door rakhna/ rahna 

You all are requested to keep away from rose garden.

Important phrasal Verbs in English

10. Go through – padhna / hokar jaana

I would suggest you to go through this important book if you want to improve your communication skills.

11. Look into – vichaar karna

He has submitted an application for you to look into the matter.

12. Lag behind – piche rah jaana

Still Indian are lagging behind in many fields as compare to other countries in the world.

13. Jot down – turant  likhna

Will you please jot down all the points we are telling you ?

14. Ask for – maangna

What the man is asking for over there?

15. Hold on – intezar karna

Hold on! Let me concentrate on my goal.

16. Sleepover – dusre ke yaha raat guzarna

Kajal went to her uncle house for sleepover with her friends.

17. Get on – sawar hona 

When the train arrived at the platform all the people were getting on the train.

18. Get down – utarna

When did the guests get down the bus in the evening?

19. Give up –  chorna

On the request of his father, Madan gave up smoking.

20. Run behind – piche bhaagna

At any cost we should not run behind the money and the girls.

21. Wear out – ghis Jana

His shoes were totally worn out in 8 months.

24. Go into – andar jaana 

Now they are going into the hall for the meeting as they promised to do.

25. Take out – bahar nikalna

He was taking out wallet from his pocket for paying all dues.

26. Come closer – pas ana

The examination is coming closer and closer, we must prepare for it.

27. Go out of – bahar jaana

They are supposed to go out of station at the end of this month.

28. Come forward – aage anan

He came forward to help when no one was ready to do so.

29. Keep alive – Zinda rahna 

Indian cricket team still kept alive in the semi final clash against South Africa in T20 world cup match.

30. Rule out – nikalna 

Because of injury Indian fast bowler was ruled out from India tour of Sri Lanka in 2024.

31. Brush up – Taza karna 

It’s better you brush up your English before moving to Canada, otherwise you will be hold in immigration department.

32. Keep apart – alag rakhna 

Keep apart yesterday’s sale, or it will be difficult to make account at the end of the day.

33.  Aim at – nishana lagana 

Close your one eye and aim at the target then shoot the arrow on it.

34. Go without – ke bina 

Due to poverty in India and lack of food, lots of children go without food daily, it is the matter of concern.

35. In one go – ek baar mein 

No matter how skillful you are, you can’t pass this examination in one go, I bet you.

36. Put off – cancel 

NEET exam was expected to leaked that’s why it would be rearranged next month.

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