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Learn English Through Stories

Learn English Through Stories

“Unlock the power of language with ‘Learn English through stories,’ an immersive journey that merges the magic of storytelling with the practicality of language acquisition. Dive into captivating narratives crafted to engage and educate, fostering vocabulary expansion, grammar comprehension, and cultural understanding. Embark on an enriching adventure where every chapter brings new linguistic insights and literary delight, making learning English a captivating and rewarding experience.”

Learn English through stories

The Lion Who Became a Sheep Story


Once in the heart of a dense forest, there lived a lioness, fierce and proud. During a desperate hunt, she leaped across a ravine, unaware she was pregnant. In her leap, she gave birth, and her cub fell into a flock of sheep below. The lioness, unable to retrieve her offspring, returned to the forest, her heart heavy with sorrow.


The little lion cub, stunned and confused, was soon surrounded by the curious sheep. Raised in this unlikely family, the cub grew up believing he was a sheep. He bleated instead of roaring and grazed instead of hunting. He knew no life other than that of a sheep.


But one day, a magnificent lion from the deep forest ventured near the flock. The sheep scattered in terror, but this lion of sheep’s clothing stood there, puzzled. The forest lion approached him and said in a deep, commanding voice, “Why do you, a creature of strength and power, live among these timid sheep?”


The sheep-lion, trembling, replied in a meek bleat, “Please, sir, I am but a weak sheep. Please don’t hurt me!.”


The forest lion, bewildered, led him to a still pond. “Look!” he commanded. There, in the reflection, the sheep-lion saw not a sheep, but a lion, just like the one standing beside him. Yet, he still couldn’t believe it.


The forest lion led him to a nearby hilltop where he urged, “Roar, you are a lion like me, not a sheep!”


But the sheep-lion only bleated. Frustrated yet determined, the forest lion kept him at the hill, teaching him to embrace his true nature.


Days passed, and under the guidance of his mentor, the sheep-lion’s bleats gradually turned into awkward roars.


One morning, as the sun rose over the forest, the sheep-lion found his voice – a deep, resounding roar that echoed across the valley. He finally accepted who he truly was – not a sheep, but a mighty lion.

Moral of The Story

The moral of the story “The Lion Who Became a Sheep” is about the importance of self-discovery and the realization of one’s true identity, despite the influences and misconceptions imposed by one’s surroundings.

Learn English through stories

The Swans and The Turtle


There was a lake at the outskirts of a small village. Two swans and a turtle who were good friends lived in the lake. They would play with each other and pass time telling stories.

One year, there were no rains and the lake started drying up.


“The lake is almost dry. We have to find some other place to live,” said the turtle to the swans. “We will fly around and look for a suitable place,” said the swans. Both the swans flew in different directions in search of a better place to live. A little distance away, one of the swans spotted a large lake. It had plenty of water and there were many fishes in it. He flew back to tell the others.


The three of them were very excited with the find. “Wow! Now we won’t have any problem,” said the turtle.


“There is only one problem,” replied one swan. “The two of us can fly there in no time. But you crawl very slowly. And it is some distance away. You will never reach there.”


The turtle thought for some time. Suddenly his face lit up. “I have an idea,” he said. “You bring me a stick. I will hold the center of the stick in my mouth. Both of you can hold the stick on either side. That way you can fly me with you to our new home.”


“It is a very good idea, but you have to make sure you do not open your mouth for any reason. If you do, you will fall to your death,” warned one of the swans.

The turtle agreed.

“Remember what we told you,” reminded the swans as they got ready to fly. Soon they were flying high in the sky. They had to fly over the village to get to the lake. As they flew over the village, people ran out into the streets to look at this amazing sight.


“What clever birds. They are carrying a turtle on a stick!” exclaimed one man. Every one was excited to see such an amazing sight.


“It was my idea. I am the clever one. I need to let them know,” thought the turtle. He opened his mouth to explain, but before the foolish turtle could say anything, he fell with a thud and died.


The swans looked down at their dead friend and shook their heads bitterly at his foolishness. “If he had kept his mouth shut, he would be alive and happy with us,” said one swan to the other as they landed at the big lake which would be their home from then on.‌‌

Learn English through stories

The Talking Cave


In a forest there lived a lion. He had grown old and could not run fast anymore. As days went by it became more and more difficult for him to hunt.


One day while he was wandering through the forest in search of food, he came across a cave. He peeped in and smelt the air inside the cave. “Some animal must be staying here,” he said to himself. He crept inside the cave only to find it empty. “I will hide inside and wait for the animal to return,” he thought.


The cave was the home of a jackal. Everyday, the jackal would go out in search of food and return to the cave in the evening to rest. That evening, the jackal after having his meal started towards home. But as he came closer, he felt something wrong. Everything around him very quiet. “Something is wrong,” the jackal said to himself. “Why are all the birds and insects so silent?”


Very slowly and cautiously, he walked towards his cave. He looked around him, watching for any signs of danger. As he got closer to the mouth of the cave, all his instincts alerted him of danger. “I have to make sure that everything is alright,” thought the jackal. Suddenly, he thought of a plan.


The clever jackal called out to the cave. “Hello my good cave, what happened to you today? Why are you so quiet?”


The jackal’s voice echoed deep inside the cave. The lion, who by now could control his hunger no longer, thought to himself, “I think it is because I am here that the cave is silent. Before the jackal realises that something is wrong, I should do something.”


The jackal continued to call out, “Have you forgotten our agreement cave? You are supposed to greet me when I return home.” The lion tried to make his voice sound hollow and called out from within the cave, “Welcome home my friend.”


The birds chirped loudly and flew away on hearing the lion’s roar. As for the jackal, he shook with fear. Before the hungry lion could pounce on him and eat him up, the jackal ran for his dear life as fast as his legs could carry him.


The lion waited for a long while for the jackal to enter the cave. But when the jackal did not come in, the lion realised that he had been fooled. He cursed himself for his foolishness that made him lose a prey.‌‌


The Lazy Dreamer


Once, in a small village, there lived a poor Brahmin. He was very learned, but did nothing all day. He lived on the alms the villagers gave him every day.


One day, as usual, the Brahmin got up in the morning, performed his morning rituals and set out to beg for alms. As he went from door to door, people gave him several things. Some gave dal. Others gave him rice and yet others gave him vegetables. But one generous lady gave the Brahmin a large measure of flour.


“Ah! What good luck. I will not have to beg for alms for a long time,” thought the Brahmin to himself.


He went home and cooked his lunch. After he had eaten, the Brahmin put the flour into a large mud pot and hung it near his bed. “Now, it will be safe from rats,” he said to himself as he lay down in his cot for an afternoon nap.


He began to think, “I will save this flour until there is a famine. Then I will sell it at a very good price. With that, I will buy a pair of goats. Very soon, I will have a large flock of goats. With their milk, I will make more money. Then I will buy a cow and a bull. Very soon I will also have a large herd of cows. Their milk will fetch me a lot of money. I will become very wealthy. I will build for myself, a huge palace and get married to a beautiful woman… Then we will have a little son.

I will be a proud father. In a few months my son will start crawling. He will be mischievous and I will be very worried that he may come to some harm. 1 will call out to my wife to take care of him. But she will be busy with house work and will ignore my call. I will get so angry. I will kick her to teach her a lesson like this…”


The Brahmin threw out his leg up. His foot hit the pot of flour hanging overhead and it came down with a resounding crash, spilling the flour all over the dirty floor. The lazy Brahmin realised that his foolishness and vanity had cost him a precious measure of flour. The laziness and foolishness taught him a lesson. Thereafter he lived an active life which took to heights.


The Jackal and The War Drum


Once in a forest there lived a jackal named Gomaya. He was too lazy to hunt for his food. He often chased away younger jackals who would catch a prey and eat it himself.


All the other jackals were upset with him. They all got together and decided to get rid of Gomaya. None of them was as big as he, and could not challenge him individually. “This is getting beyond control,” said one jackal.


“We make all the effort and kill a prey and Gomaya comes and claims it.”


“I have an idea,” said another jackal.


“We will take turns catching prey. And while one of us has his food, the others together will keep Gomaya away. He is no match for all of us.”


Things became very difficult for Gomaya after that. He could no longer snatch food from the other jackals. They all attacked him together and chased him away. They would not even allow him to hunt in that part of the forest any more.


Gomaya wandered far away into another part of the forest. At last he came to the farthest part of the forest. By now, he had not eaten for many days. He was feeling very weak and tired. “I have to find some food soon or else I will die,” he thought. As he wandered around, he came to an abandoned battle field.


Suddenly, there was a loud and frightening noise. “Bang! Bang! Bang!”


Gomaya was filled with fear and turned and ran away as fast as he could. After running a short distance, Gomaya stopped. He could still hear the sound. But it was not coming closer. “I must be brave and find out what is causing that terrible sound,” he decided. Gomaya slowly went back to the battle field. His heart was full of dread, but he decided to be brave.


When he got there, Gomaya sighed with relief. The sound was being made by a harmless old war drum lying beside a tree in the abandoned battle field. Every time the wind blew, the lower branches of the tree would brush against the drum making a loud noise.


Gomaya was thrilled to find a lot of food lying near the war drum. He ate heartily till his stomach was full.


What a fool I would have been if I had run away in fear and missed all this delicious food,” thought the jackal.‌‌

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