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Sentences of daily use

Sentences of daily use

50+ Best Sentences of daily use with Hindi. So many common sentences of daily use with Hindi meaning have been given so that you can learn English.

I have given here miscellaneous sentences for advanced students as well as short stories for English who can learn. Mostly sentences are based on Tense, Modal Verbs, auxiliary verbs, and so on

Sentences of daily use

Sentences of daily use with Modal Verbs

1. Would you mind coming with me?

2. Would you do me a favour?

3. How can we believe on strangers?

4. Can’t you say clearly?

5. They must be coming here.

6. He must be a doctor.

7. She must have wealth.

8. Could you guide me?

9. I will do anything for you.

10. I used to play cricket on the street.

Sentences of daily use with Imperative

1. Open your book and read.

2. Close the window.

3. Bring fresh vegetables and cook.

4. Help your mom to cook food.

5. Clean the place you are going to sit.

6. Get your hair cut.

7. Feed the crying baby now.

8. Bring them down right away.

9. Pick up the pen and write a long story.

10. Take deep breath and start the job.

Sentences of daily use based on Tense

1. Where do you come from?

2. Tell me your good name.

3. Are they trying to calm a crying baby?

4. Who has come to receive the guest?

5. When will you rectify your mistake?

6. Where were they searching for their suitcase?

7. He has been staying with me for six months.

8. How long has she been taking care of the orphan children?

9. Did you get a chance to do something in your life?

10. Do you know what you saying?

11. Have you ever been to America?

12. How did the boy go to school alone?

13. When do you watch a movie?

14. Who gave you right to speak?

15. I don’t have mind to mind.

16. Why does he fight with his own brother?

17. Has he been going to office?

18. He has been speaking Hindi since childhood.

19. Why doesn’t he ask for permission?

20. Who is flying a kite in the sky?

21. Do I need to verify your account?

13. Mehmood wants to do something in his life.

14. What do you want me to do ?

15. He knows how to respect ekders.

16. What do you think about the admission?

17. We won’t show our support?

18. Was the child seeking permission?

19. We celebrate every festival with our neighbours.

20. Whose book is this ?

21. I don’t like the way you walk.

22. Do they like this way of cheating others?

23  Do as I say you to.

24. The girl needs to get her hair cut.

24. I don’t need your support for my success.

25. Are you going to remove the old fans ?

26. I will sack you from the job.

27. Who was going to win the IPl?

28. We have never made such a mistake.

29.  So far he hasn’t joined the party.

30. Who came with family first?

31. Is it raining here?

32. Do the boys go to school daily?

33. Who are you to give me advice?

34. I don’t care about anyone.

35. Does a child insist ?

36. Why does father ignore you?

37. My mother is not a burden for me?

38. My Allah knows me the best.

39. They are working here on Sunday.

40. The man of modern age is not as honest as he was before.

41. The bell was ringing.

42. The goat that is eating grass is hungry.

43. The pen which you are searching here , I don’t know it.


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