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Words with examples sentences

30+ New words with examples sentences.

fluency skills is something that everyone dreams of. Vocabulary plays an important role in English. with examples sentences of daily use have been given here. Three things one Short stories for English and English grammar to get fluency.

New words with examples sentences

1. Conspirasy

He has a conspirasy to murder the leader.

2. Investigate

The CBI is investigating in the scam case.

3. Insist

The does not insist for buying an ice cream.

4. Enhance

Can you kindly tell me how to enhance my English?

5. Erect

She erected a wall between the house and a tree.

6. Motivate

What motivates you to learn English?

7. Jealous

I am not jealous of any of my classmates.

8. Aide

He along with his aides were arrested yesterday.

9. Wipe

He was wiping out the dirty car.

10. Secure

How much marks did she secure in the final term?

11. Inspire

Who has inspired you to do such a daring work?

12. Almost

The beggar was asking for alms from door to door.

13. Intention

My intention was not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

14. Confiscate

The police has confiscated the property of the politician in Delhi.

15. Awareness

I was conducting awareness program among the new voters.

16. deny

The leader denied to give a fine to the traffic police.


The poor family is  starving due to lack of food stuffs.

18. Fertile

The land that you purchased in a village was not fertile.

19.  Yummy

The noodles was so yummy that I couldn’t control myself.

20. Accumulate

The rain water accumulation in the middle of the road and causes road accident.

21. Curious

The children were very much curious to know about the new game.

22. Eradicate

We have decided to eradicate poverty from India till 2034.

23. Squeeze

The boy was squeezed a lemon.

24. Orphan

We all must come forward to support of orphans children.

25. Departure

The departure of the flight is at 7 o’clock morning.

26. Circulate

They circulated the newspapers yesterday morning.

27. Architect

God is the architect of everyone’s fate.

28. Predict

No one can predict tomorrow except Allah.

29. Interrupt

I don’t want to be interrupted by anyone during the meeting.

30. Renovation

The man was getting his old shop renovated.

31. Surgeon

He is one of the greatest surgeon in government hospital.

32. He went to pasture with all his cattle.

33. Wrap

He wrapped everything in a Jiffy.

34. Growth

The growth of economy of India is very slow.

35. The boy was breathing slowly.

36. Manufacturer

Tata company manufacturing iron and steel.

37. Wrinkle

The wrinkle is seen on the face of 55 years old person.

38. Debut

The IpL of 2024 was the debut match of Arjun Tendulkar.

39. Guidance

I have learnt English under the guidance of Mr. OP Sharma.

40. Flight

The time of the flight has been delayed due to bad weather.

41. Notorious

He was a notorious criminal in Mumbai.

42. Syllabus

Half of the syllabus has been convered already in the month of May.

43. Against

Everyone was against that decision.

44. Above

There is a mirror against the wash basin.

45. Along

A road goes along the river.

46. At

He dropped me at the station.

47. Besides

Do you read any newspaper besides the Times of India?

48. Beside

My handwriting is poor beside yours.

49. Behind

Our house is behind the post office.

50. Between

This business runs between Nanded and Parbhani.

51. Inside

It is not possible to get there inside an hour.

52. Over

Packers of food are being dropped over the flooded area.


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